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Don't believe us about the quality of the counselling and support services of Peter Zapfella? Then check out some of the rave reviews from incredibly satisfied past clients.

Weight Loss - Mandurah - Perth

Sarah Celentano
Lost 43kg

I made my goal weight!!! woohooo finally 32.7kg gone in a year….plus the 10.3kg I lost the year before brings my total loss to 43kg!!! I can’t believe I went from a whopping 108kg down to 65kg…I did it!!!! I am so incredibly happy and healthy now. I’ve gone from a size 20+ to a comfortable size 8-10. I’m so darn proud of myself and the woman I have become. ????Peter I couldn’t have done it without your help! You’ve helped me to set my mind into gear to accomplish what I have wanted for so long but was unable to do due to self limiting thoughts…so a massive Thank you to you.

Megan L. Newman
Lost 27kg

I saw you in Newman a few years ago for weight loss. Over the next 3 months I lost 27 KGs. It just fell off me without a thought in it.

Lost 17kg

I came to see you October 2009 for weight loss (after my brother in law told me he came to you about (successfully) quitting smoking), it was an awesome session. I was on a high when I left and I felt fantastic!! And now that I have lost a lot of that weight I wanted to loose, I feel great!!! I lost about 17kgs within the first 3 months. I recommended a friend to you just last week about helping him to quit smoking, and he came away feeling sooooo positive!! It was just brilliant to see!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Addictions Counselling - From Rockingham to Baldivis

Kelli. T.
Quit Smoking

Nearly 9 years ago you helped me give up smoking. I have never smoked one again after walking out of that room in Karratha.

Randy Van Poecke
Quit Smoking

It has been quite a number of years since I used Peters services to help me stop smoking. I literally went from a twenty year, two pack a day smoker to completely stopping after just one? Obviously, I found Peter to be very effective and I would highly recommend his very professional services.

Quit Smoking and Drug Use

Hi Peter, I have seen you for smoking and drug use and been successful on both times much thanks to you!! I was curious if you do one for exercise as I need to exercise but lack motivation. I go well for two weeks then fall in a heap.

Martin De Thier
Alcoholism Treatment

Three months ago Peter helped me stop drinking alcohol. I have not had a drop since. Since then I have moved to Talisay. Got puppy Rottweiler……….WOOFY. Starting Relationship. (lasting i hope) Beginning to feel like the old me again.

Hypnotherapist - From Cockburn to Fremantle

George Akary
Master Hypnotherapist

Interested in some hypnosis? Peter Zapfella is one of the most successful hypnotists in Australia

Dr Richard Lee
Medical Practitioner

I have known Peter Zapfella since 2003. He is extremely passionate to his work as a therapist and always exudes a genuine compassion for his clients. I am aware his hypnotherapy/NLP practice is highly regarded, as many of his clients refer their friends and family to him.

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